An L1 Blockchain on Cosmos

BitBadges is a Layer 1 blockchain on Cosmos. It is decentralized, up to over 500x faster than Ethereum for NFTs, and is expandable through the BitBadges SDK. BitBadges can be used to issue badges, has an established token standard, create complex smart contracts, and is developer-friendly, aiming to power 1000s of decentralized applications.

Meet the Experts

Trevor Miller
CTO and Founder

Trevor is the CTO and Founder of BitBadges. Trevor graduated with honors at the dual enrollment program for Virginia Tech in Computer Science, and has been enthusiastic in disrupting the blockchain industry and learning more about its underlining technologies. He conceptualized and built BitBadges 1.0 and helped lead the way in building and infrastructure for BitBadges to be an independent blockchain.

Andrew Kamal
CEO and Cofounder

Andrew built technologies for over 37 startups (as of EOY 2022), and has a history of entrepreneurship. He also has a large IP portfolio and prolific history. He recognized the need of BitBadges to transform into an independent blockchain and stop reliance on centralized platforms. He is leading BitBadges on business development, growth, and structure as well as consulting on special research, partnership opportunities, and grants.

Our history

24 March 2021

Version 1.0

The first version of BitBadges has been released on the now dubbed "too centralized" BitClout platform. Trevor Miller makes the announcement.

4 June 2021

Exiting BitClout

Trevor realizes BitClout is too centralized, and starts a discussion on disapproval due to the BitClout identity system. Few creators join his battle cry. Andrew at the same time, discusses with him dismay on BitClout's leadership and seemingly dramatic changes to its infrastructure, and its select picking or purging of projects. Andrew is heavily calling out BitClout as being too centralized.

11 June 2021

Andrew becomes Co-Founder

Andrew "acquired" BitBadges and became a co-founder with Trevor officially working on expanding it into new territories. Trevor is supportive and the two start focusing on how BitBadges will keep thriving during their busy study/work schedules.

24 August 2021

BitBadges 2.0 Announced

After much internal discussions about potential expansion opportunities including a merged integration with the CloutFeed app, and potential future integrations with Mentors4EDU and education, BitBadges 2.0 was announced. BitBadges 2.0 is the dubbed name for an independent BitBadges with the same key principals in mind.

14 September 2021

First Preprint/Research Proposal

Andrew publishes a paper on IACR preprints on a "A Privacy-Preserving Distributed Identity Offline-First PoCP Blockchain Paradigm" discussing his potential vision for BitBadges 2.0. Trevor starts experimentation with CouchDB for beta way before the technological core migrates to the Cosmos Platform.

28 September 2021

The Digital Challenge XPrize

BitBadges competes in the Digital Challenge XPrize and internally discusses concepts for learning badges and a predecessor to a Decentralized University starts being brainstormed. 

23 February 2022

The Decentralized University

The Decentralized University landing page is up and announced. This is officially one of the first major project endeavors BitBadges wants to explore during the 2.0 mainnet release. 

17 March 2022

BitBadges is Incorporated

BitBadges is officially incorporated (originally in the state of Delaware). Andrew and Trevor both own 3.75M shares. Andrew holds his shares in his startup, and both Andrew and Trevor's shares get diluted proportionally. BitBadges is officially a company, and ready to build technologies to take BitBadges to the next level. This is the end of this timeline, but the beginning of another.

Why BitBadges?

BitBadges aims to be the next big thing for distributed consensus and scalable blockchain applications. Our standards, protocols and development aims to make blockchain more accessible for everyone, and build projects that are oriented towards adaptable, high-speed usecases. We are an industry-focused team, who are passionate about what we do and have been focused on building real world usecases for this industry for quite a while.

Our Projects

BitBadges for Creators

BitBadges offers several opportunities for creators whether it is for artists, event management, or musicians. Given its scalable platform, and lower gas fees, BitBadges offers the ability for you to quickly issue utility NFTs for your audience and fans. Due to the scalability of BitBadges, many membership opportunities might emerge. 

BitBadges for Educators

BitBadges is an opportunity for educators to create easy to verify certificates on the blockchain as well as track or reward student progress. The Decentralized University is one of the first flagship projects being developed by BitBadges, and not only does badges work well for individual educators, but it can also work well for clubs, mini-courses, cerifications, MOOCs, and verifiable degrees.

BitBadges for Everybody

BitBadges aims to offer a token standard and various easy to use interfaces to be adaptable for everybody. Many DAPPs can be built off the BitBadges blockchain, and various gamified experiences. BitBadges wants to make blockchain easy for the average person to utilize, and wants to be a solution for creators that is scalable and doesn't cost too much in gas fees or take too long in transaction times compared to what is out there.


Join us for the next stage in the creator revolution

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